In response to the larger UG1 studio's shared topic of investigating domestic space, each student in our section designed a house where residents can find spaces comfortable for daily life, as well as a workshop space dedicated to the occupation of one or more residents.

Here, the term "working" takes on dual meaning. On one hand, students defined the nature of work as being in some way connected yet distinct from quotidian activity through shaping space itself. On the other hand, the final design is a re-working of ideas, forms, and parts from a precedent house assigned to each student at the beginnning of the semester. Therefore, each project is not necessarily an end in and of itself, but rather one possible configuration of a collection of house-ish ingredients that picks up a conversation around what domestic space could be and directs it in a new direction.

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House on a Stream by Architecture BRIO based living conditions on the sun's orientation by placing living spaces on the east and resting spaces on the west. Inspired by this approach, the Light House works with natural light to build spaces.

Through geometric explorations of how light is constructed, the house challenges the perception of needing a lot of openings to make a space light up. By contrasting the public circulation of the central slash and the jagged private spaces intersecting with the core, this produces a particular spatial connection that allows inhabitants to identify the program’s organization.