“The most important factor here is that you understand that a room is a matter of opinion.” -- Fran Lebowitz, A Manual: Training for Landlords.

Simultaneously the expression of building systems, the manifestation of material ecologies, the articulation of formal languages, and the instantiation of the architect’s conceptual aspirations, a single room is like an interpretive key to the building, unlocking its ambitions on a small scale. Through a highly focused design investigation, this studio will explore the myriad possibilities of architectural design and theory through the disciplinary conceit of ONE ROOM.

Over the course of the semester students will engage a number of Representational Techniques and Tectonic ambitions all explored through the design of ONE ROOM.

Additionally, students will be expected to develop clear positions and disciplinary grounding regarding the ambitions of their individual projects. There will be no specific programmatic overlay for the studio simply the overly determined constraint of ONE ROOM.

“For myself, I can’t think of anything in the world that is better than a nice room.” --Gustaz Flaubert




Capture a moment in a 'Traveling Suitcase' This 'Traveling Suitcase' provides an indirect methodology of room perception. Inspired by camera obscura, this design shows the space beyond vision through light and shadow, reflection, distortion, space-time compression, and perceiving the subtle differences between the real and the mirrored space. At the same time, the indoor micro-environment is provided for the growth of the plant ecosystem, and the characteristics of the outdoor environment can be inferred by observing the growth rhythm of indoor micro-ecology. This portable laboratory is intended to allow people to learn about a room from the outside...

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